Frequently Asked Questions

Guerra Technologies, Inc. (GTI) provides a range of products and services. Here are some frequently asked questions about the products and services that we provide. If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please contact us.

GTI can assist you in all stages of product development — from conceptual design and prototype development, to manufacturing and testing.
GTI can provide ASIC design services as well as development support to integrate any RF ASIC into your product design and offer alternatives as required.

GTI can act as an extension of your existing design team to help deal with resource loading issues. We can provide engineering resources for

  • System
  • Analog
  • RF digitial
  • Embedded processing and firmware
  • Component
  • Mechanical engineering

Our engineering staff can also help with PCB layout, fab, and assembly. We have extensive facilities for product development and testing.

GTI has a proven track record of helping customers add low-profile antennas and communication subsystems into both new and existing products.
One of GTI's core competencies is providing comprehensive sensitivity analyses and testing for manufacturing for customers who experience yield problems. We have also created and complied with "Design for Manufacturability" guidelines based on our customers' requirements.
GTI has expert engineers who can provide system-engineering support that will facilitate in the selection of the right architecture for your product. In addition to the RD and analog portions of the system, we have extensive experience in product design, layout, fab, assembly, and test. These types of valuable services provide a low-risk mechanism, which expedites the "turn of and running" phase of the product development cycle.
GTI has the latest testing equipment, facilities, and experienced engineering experts who can develop a comprehensive test plan that will properly evaluate the performance of a given product. The performance testing cycle includes cycling through a wide range of test conditions, which was not accounted for in the original product design. In order to solve problems our engineers have built customized test fixtures to determine not only the origin but also the right answer to solve the problem.

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